Evalee Campbell is a ceramic artist and designer from Boise, Idaho. A recent graduate of Utah State University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Evalee has developed a unique style of making that combines both ceramic and screen-printing processes. Inspired by the city of Boise, its surrounding waterways and landscapes, her work is both functional and imaginative. Through graphic imagery, animals and nature show up in playful ways across the surface of her pots. Currently re-establishing herself in Boise, Evalee hopes to continue making functional ceramics and exploring themes of city life and community in this new and vibrant city.



All aspects of Evalee’s original works are executed by hand from the initial design to the final touch. Working from prototypes, her pots are made of slip-cast porcelain using clay and glazes developed from raw materials. Imagery is applied using screen-printed underglaze transfers that she designs and executes in her studio. This multiple process approach makes each piece unique and original, handled with individual care. Check out Evalee’s Instagram @ecwares for more insight into her process and techniques.